Q. How frequently should I see a dentist?
A. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), it is important to see a dentist at least two times a year. The visit should include a professional cleaning and examination. We recommend a minimum of two visits a year as well.

Q. What will occur at my visit?
A. We will gather relevant dental and medical information about you. You will receive a comprehensive examination which will include a check of your teeth and gums, an oral cancer screening, and X-rays. We will also conduct a TMJ (temporomandibular or jaw joint) exam. These examinations will help us to make a proper diagnosis of any challenges you may be experiencing with your dental health. Our office can treat you for root canals, braces or oral surgery if such is needed or we can refer you to a specialist. Treatment options will be discussed along with payment plans according to your needs.

Your subsequent visits will also include examinations of your teeth and gums, cleanings and oral cancer screenings. If additional treatment is required, it will be scheduled as needed and any questions you have will be addressed at that time.

Q. What is the meaning of “painless dentistry”?
A. This refers to the means we take to ensure that you experience minimum stress or pain during treatment. We try our best to include treatment methods that do not require local anesthesia whenever possible and present you with pain relief options that will make you comfortable. At times oral medications for anxiety or laughing gas can be used as needed.

Q. What can I do if an emergency arises?
A. Do not hesitate to call us anytime you have an emergency. If it occurs during work hours, we will gladly fit you into our schedule. However, if the emergency happens after work hours, over the weekend or during the holidays, the contact details of the doctor will be provided.

Q. Are payment options available for my dental care?
A. Yes. We will begin with your co-payment and process your insurance claim. We do accept major credit cards, which includes MasterCard and Visa and can offer you a low interest payment plan.

Q. Are whitening procedures available?
A. Several whitening techniques are available which include: In office, overnight and daily. We use Brite Smile bleaching in our office. Each session takes approximately 90 to 120 minutes and is completely stress free. Overnight bleaching requires us to make an impression of your teeth. It also requires the creation of a mouth guard that is matched to your bite. Bleaching gel is applied to it each day and it is worn overnight or a few hours during the day. It can take up to two weeks to see the desired effect.

Various types of over-the counter bleaching agents are also available but should be used under a dentist’s supervision. The ADA re-emphasizes the importance of this professional advice and suggests that an examination and diagnosis be performed to ascertain the cause of the tooth discoloration before beginning any whitening regimen.

Q. What if there are other issues such as chipped teeth or gaps that may not respond to typical whitening methods?
A. In these situations options such as porcelain veneers or bonding may be explored. Veneers are permanently affixed to the fronts of your teeth and look like your own teeth. They are individually designed for each patient. Bonding is used to correct shape or chipping problems. A composite material made of plastic is used to fill in various areas of the teeth. Both of these options are color-matched to your natural teeth.